Cerveza pura
La Virgen is a pure, lively and fresh beer, honestly brewed with selected ingredients and sustainable resources.
Made with Love since 2011


Nace la idea de Cervezas La Virgen mientras compartíamos un despacho en una agencia de publicidad en San Francisco.

We left San Francisco to bring quality craft beer to Madrid.

We founded and opened our first Brewpub.

We brewed our first beer: The Lager.

We installed our first tap.

We opened our first brewery with 1000litres capacity.

200.000 litres of beer have already been produced.

We moved to larger brewery, which is able to produce over 1 million litres.

Terrace opening and installation of new beer tanks

La Virgen llega a los supermercados y hasta el extranjero. Ahora nos puedes comprar en cualquier lado. Y, si vives en Madrid, puedes pasarte los Taprooms que hemos abierto por todo el centro.

La fábrica crece como la espuma. Con la ampliación hemos duplicado la capacidad y podemos elaborar casi 4 millones de litros por año. Y un nuevo formato! La lata de Madrid Lager ha llegado para quedarse y puedas llevártela a cualquier lado.

We keep working to change the quality beer industry.

  • Beer will be produced taking into account the highest quality standards.
  • Enjoyment and responsible consumption will be promoted.
  • We are an active part of brewing culture that we will spread.
  • The environment and nature in every aspect of our business will be respected.
  • The success of the company is going to be linked to our employees.
  • We'll be honest.
  • Innovation and efficiency in our processes are going to be looked for.
  • We are lucky to have the chance to produce a product we love; that is why we want to share our enthusiasm for what we do everyday.
La Virgen
Working hours
Litres produced
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It all starts milling the grain; 100% malted barley is used.


Already milled barley malt is mixed with water at 60 degrees to start the mashing process, from which sugars are extracted to get the wort.

Grain and wort separation

Grain is separated from wort, so a a transparent one full of sugars ready to ferment yeasts is achieved. The used grain, now called bagasse, is given to a near farm to feed its sheep. In return, the team of La Virgen gets a rich lamb from time to time.


The wort is boiled and selected hops are added to provide bitterness and aroma.


Wort and hops are centrifuged to be separated. This is when the wort that the wort is ready for being cooled and fermented.


The wort is cooled down until it reaches yeast´s action temperature.

Fermentation Begins

We inject the yeast into the already cold wort in our classic open fermentation tanks. Our yeast will convert the wort into beer, absorbing the sugar and converting it into Alcohol and Co2. Magic brewing!

End of Fermentation

We transfer to closed tanks where the fermentation process ends, we remove the yeast and begin the natural carbonation by closing the tank and catching the Co2 from the own fermentation.


Once the fermentation process is finished, we cool the tanks to 0 degrees and mature the beers. The resting times are 45 days for our Lager, and 20 days for the Ale.


We bottle and pour our beer into barrels every week to keep it fresh. We always keep it cold so that it retains all its flavour.


Our beer can be found in the best bars, restaurants and shops throughout Madrid.

The brewery

Ilustración de la Fábrica
Mondays: closed
Tuesday-Thursday: 12.30-00.00
Friday-Saturday: 12.30-01.00
Sundays: 12.30-00.00

The brewery is the heart of Cervezas La Virgen. Our way of brewing is traditional; our beers do not go through a filtered or pasteurised process as we have a deep respect for the fermentation and resting times.

Natural ingredients are part of our recipes. Within them, you will also find water, malt, hops and yeast. Our brewing process combines the latest technology in the industry with the traditional methods. You will also like to know that the grain used in the brewing process is then destined to feed the local cattle, and the hops is used as fertilizer. Moreover, a large part of the energy used in the whole process is recovered and reused.

We invite you to visit our brewery in one of the tours organised almost every day so you can have a closer knowledge of it.