La Virgen is a pure, alive and fresh beer honestly brewed using the best ingredients and sustainable resources.
Made with Love since 2011


The idea of Cervezas La Virgen was born while sharing office in an advertising agency in San Francisco.

We left San Francisco to bring quality craft beer to Madrid.

We founded and opened our first Brewpub.

We brewed our first beer: The Lager.

We installed our first tap.

We opened our first brewery with 1000litres capacity.

200.000 litres of beer have already been produced.

We moved to larger brewery, which is able to produce over 1 million litres.

Terrace opening and installation of new beer tanks

Business development through retail and exports. La Virgen is available in Spain and also abroad! Launching of our Taprooms to develop the brand all around Madrid. If you live in the city centre you already have one bar of La Virgen close by.

Enlargement of the brewery. We double our capacity until 4 million litres per year and develop a new format: Our first Madrid Lager can is released. You can take it everywhere!

We keep working to change craft beer market.

  • Beer will be produced taking into account the highest quality standards.
  • Enjoyment and responsible consumption will be promoted.
  • We are an active part of brewing culture that we will spread.
  • The environment and nature will be respected in every in every aspect of our business.
  • Success of the company will be linked to our employees.
  • We'll be honest.
  • Process innovation and efficiency will be pursued.
  • We are very lucky to work doing something we love. This is why we commit to share our enthusiasm at everytime.
La Virgen
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It all starts milling the grain; 100% malted barley is used.


Already milled barley malt is mixed with water at 60 degrees to start the mashing process, from which sugars are extracted to get the wort.

Grain and wort separation

Grain is separated from wort. This way we obtain a transparent wort full of sugars ready to ferment. The leftover grains, called bagasse, are stored and then given to local farmers as animal feed.


The wort is boiled and selected hops are added to provide bitterness and aroma.


Wort and hops are centrifugated to be separated. This is when the wort is ready for the next steps.


The wort is cooled down until it reaches yeast´s action temperature.

Fermentation Begins

We add the yeast to the cold wort inside our classic open fermenters. Our yeast will convert the sugar into alcohol and CO2, resulting in beer. Magic brewing!

End of Fermentation

We move the beer to closed tanks, where the fermentation process ends and carbonation starts by closing the tank and catching the Co2 from the fermentation.


Once the fermentation process is finished, we cool the tanks to 0 degrees and mature the beers. Lagers will be stored for 45 days, while Ales needs 20 days.


We bottle our beer every week to keep it fresh. It is always stored in a cool area so its flavour it´s preserved.


We distribute our beer every day to the best bars, restaurants and shops in Madrid. Now elsewhere.

Our Brewery

Ilustración de la Fábrica
Mondays: closed
Tuesday-Thursday: 12.30-00.00
Friday-Saturday: 12.30-01.00
Sundays: 12.30-00.00

The brewery is the heart of Cervezas La Virgen. Our way of brewing is traditional, our beers do not go through a filtered or pasteurized process as we have a deep respect for fermentation and maturation times.

Only natural ingredients are used: water, malt, hops and yeast, along with love. Our brewing process combines the latest technology with traditional methods. The leftover grains are destined to feed the local cattle and the hops are used as fertilizer. Moreover, a large part of the energy used in the whole process is recovered and reused.

We invite you to visit our brewery in one of our weekly tours, so you can get to know us better!