Roasted and Handly-Peeled Chestnut Beer

A beer with a high fermentation beer brewed using a unique process with roasted and handly-peeled chestnuts. La Virgen de Castañas is an interpretation of what winter is for us. A toasted beer with smoky and maltose touches.


6.5% Alcohol


Christmas Special Beer

Bitterness Degree

IBU 30/80


Available only in chestnut season in a 20l barrel and 33cl bottle.


Chestnuts, magosto, family and beer. We always wanted to do something special with chestnuts, which are part of the winter spirit for us. Who hasn’t picked chestnuts and roasted them? In Galicia, where we collect them, they are a very precious commodity, so every year we produce a unique Christmas beer. For us, the roasted chestnuts smell is typical Christmas and it is what we wanted to perform in this variety.