Our Special Lager for the Oktoberfest

Märzen is maltose and delicious beer. Traditionally brewed in spring, it is kept until the end of summer. It´s our top fermentation Märzen style lager. A toasted beer, intense and perfect for celebrating.


6.5% Alcohol



Bitterness Degree

IBU 30/80


Limited edition for Oktoberfest available in a 20l barrel and 33cl bottle.


Classic Märzen, brewed here. Many years ago, when there were no refrigeration systems, breweries in northern Europe could not produce beer after March. It was banned as the heat turned the fermentation tanks into bacteria magnets, which could damage the beer. This way the last batch was brewed in March and kept in caves or basements filled with ice in order to maintain the beer fresh. When the summer was over, and it was safe to continue brewing, they had to empty their kegs to make room for the new beers. During September and October, March beer was bottled with an intense and malty taste, but also very balanced. This type of beer was known as Marzenbier, or simply Märzen, which in German means “March”. Long live the beer!





Pilsen, Munich



Perle, Spalt select

Beer Pairing

Beer Pairing

Chicken roasted.